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​St. Frances of Rome


The Parish Assessment and Renewal Program  (PACT)

The Parish Assessment and Renewal (PAR) program brings together the Clergy, the Staff and Lay Leaders for input on parish issues. The Lay Leaders work in a commission (Administration, Community, Formation, Outreach, and Worship). Each commission sets a goal based on the needs of the parish set forth by the surveys, leaders meetings, interviews, and the Town Hall meeting all done in 2013.

Each commission member attends an hour and a half monthly meeting on the third Monday of each month (Leadership Night). It is during this meeting that the members of the commissions discuss and plan to complete the goals they set.  Each commission has at least one member serving on the Pastoral Council. Not only do they serve as an advisory body to the Pastor and a liaison for their commission, they serve as a resource to the commission.   

 A member of the office staff serves as a resource to each commission. 

The Parish Assessment Coordinating Team (PACT) meets on a weekly basis to plan Leadership Night, Pastoral Council meetings, and discuss issues that arise in the program and at the parish.


Worship Commission

The Worship Commission gives direction to the liturgical life of the parish. It seeks to provide opportunities personal and communal prayer outside the mass. It coordinates any liturgical ministries and may plan periodical retreats. 

Community Life
The Community Life Commission is made of various support and social groups. Its purpose is to bring a sense of Christian community for all ages and groups. It heads the groups in charge of: Hospitality and Welcoming, Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and the St. Frances of Rome festivals along with the Parish Festival. It also handles the time and talent portion of Stewardship.

The Formation Commission
The Formation Commission coordinates educational programs for children through adults. It fosters cooperation, communication, and coordination of those involved in the educational programs. This commission coordinates RCIA and Catechism and any form of religious education.

The Outreach
The Outreach Commission coordinates any ministries involved in pastoral care, social services, social justice, and evangelization. It reaches out not only to the membership, but to the larger community in the town or beyond.

The Administration Commission
The Administration Commission handles the worldly affairs of the parish. It includes the care and upkeep of the facilities. They coordinate and oversee the Communications Committee and the treasure portion of the Stewardship Committee. They may also aid the Finance Council and Building Committee in their decision making.